Good Design is Invisible

With Weatherzone mostly rebranded it interesting to look back upon the project as a whole, the big learning curve I had found was nothing to do with how the branding design was done rather I was amazed how much “ownership” people have with a brand.

Many stakeholders were dead against for improving the how the brand functioned, the main belief and attitudes being “if it ain’t broke why fix it?”.

The core issue with the Weatherzone brand wasn’t that the brand was terrible, it was an extremely good brand was more to the fact it could be done far better to communicate the B2C and B2B. And It was even better to get an outsider’s expertise with this, and back up what you’ve been putting to the business for some time.

I had found it was interesting trying to sell the idea to people who were passionate about the brand yet couldn’t see that the old form of the brand was executed poorly and could be done so much better. The idea I kept returning to, that good design is always invisible bad design isn’t and many of the stakeholders didn’t really understand this point. Why would you want a well designed logo or brand for that matter to be invisible?

The answer to all become apparent once the rebrand rollout took place, the well designed concepts dramatically improved the stranding of the organisation instead of the previous way of the eclectic juxtaposition of products, service and overall branding. The new well designed logo did indicate how poorly the previous incantation presented the brand.

For example Weatherzone did see increased traffic, Mobile Apps launch for a second round while the sales eclipsed any competition (the Weatherzone Apps on the Appstore were the top download in the store December 2010) while overall B2B sale increased due to better communication for selling.

The main thing I gained from the project was from working with US and gaining some input from a broader creative agency, the main thing was it allowed us to address then note the main issue with brand articulation and what we though the brand was and where we thought the brand needed to be, this specifically something the company hadn’t done ever since I could remember.

Hindsight is 20:20, and I do think all at Weatherzone would agree the push for a rebrand was an excellent move for the creating value in the business overall enabling the unit to go from strength to strength.
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