QANTM of Solace

A very good friend rang me a few weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to do a guest lecture in design for broadcast, I was more than happy to help him out of course lecturing two groups that are completing a BComm.

The lectures were an interesting thing, more than anything it did teach me rather than the lecture for the students. Odd idea I guess, but the students’ feedback was specifically it did give them some good ideas and insight into the industry as a whole while for myself it did give me the realisation of how far I’ve come (and how old I feel).

It just feels like yesterday since I had graduated, yet it’s nearly a decade. I have been working in graphics for over 8 years now which is a very scary thought because I found a parallel with the students that I still have more to learn in design and creative. The hardest question I found with the lecture was from one student who asked about the best advise I could give, it’s funny with advice how it’s easily given but hard to receive.

My answer for 8 years in the industry was 7 simple points:
• Be unique.
• Know how to sell your ideas.
• Keep things tangible, visualise the concept.
• Learn and keep learning.
• Understand where the industry is and is going.
• Update your portfolio regularly.
• Keep it simple.

It was funny to look around the lecture hall, I now understood what my animation lecturer Rodney said when I was at university about you can tell who will succeed and who wont. The students frantically taking notes and asking questions I could see them working within a good design team while the others who turned up late just wont last or make a start.
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