Sonybucks at SMPTE

I managed to visit to check out SMPTE for the first since 2009, and I’ve notice though the GFC is over the effects are still felt. SMPTE I felt was a ghost town it seemed very low key not to mention the stalls didn’t give out much in the way of freebies.

The highlight would must be the Sony exhibition, nothing worth wild with hardware but they did make me a free long black which was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. I am guessing because the weather really did dictate a hot drink was more than welcome.

Stand out exhibition was vizrt, Fuji and JVC while the others just didn’t seem as though they had enough money to attend. JVC displayed an interesting idea of a 2d to 3d converter, yes this wasn’t a typo 2d to 3d which begs the question why bother?

3d was a big ticket item at SMPTE, 3d sets and 3d broadcast though I still really can’t see why 3d for broadcast news would be a good idea because it’s a gimmick rather than adding value to the service. Interactive and internet TV I think is where the growth should be because it value adds to the presentation however I don’t think broadcaster see the purpose in this.

It really reminded me of the ice paradigm I heard a few years ago in a presentation by Jack Matthews. In the 1800’s the best way to get ice was from ships venturing into the arctic this was replaced by the ice company then during the 1950 most ice companies were replaced with the refrigerator. Innovation will always move an industry and I don’t think broadcast understands this, they are trying to improve the TV not how you receive the broadcast.

If anything SMPTE really did display how if you don’t move with the times the time will move you and I think we’ll see this once Hulu sets up shop in Australia.
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